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Primera Languages for Business

Primera Languages is the premier provider of language and cultural education in a business context.
  • Knowledge of trends across industries and sectors
  • Measurable results with Academic & HR Reports fully tailored to your reporting needs
  • 100% customized programs to communication needs and schedules
  • Preferred rate service agreements
  • Native, college-educated instructors with business experience and 2-25 years in language teaching

 Onsite classes available in New York, Delaware, Florida, Texas, California.
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What we do

Our Services

We offer the most personalized language and cultural training in the market for all language needs.

Private & Group Instruction

From one-on-one lessons to big groups, Primera provides highly customized courses tailored to each student’s professional objectives with a focus on career needs.


Our web-based programs offer professionals the opportunity to acquire language skills in a flexible way, on their own time and with the most experienced instructors. ePrimera is available for private and semi-private lessons.

Immersion Primera

Intensive tailored training, which brings students to language proficiency quickly and efficiently.

Cultural Training

Designed to improve cultural awareness skills and facilitate adaptation to new business and social environments whether in the U.S. or abroad.

Focused Course Work

Professional learners have communication needs that go beyond vocabulary and grammar. Primera offers focused coursework that targets key language areas and usage in each student’s work environment.

Workshops & Seminars

Primera customizes workshops and seminars for clients across industries and around the world. Each focuses on building specific language and cultural skill sets.

Focused Coursework


Presentation Skills Focus
Prepares students to deliver professional, effective presentations in a foreign language with confidence.

Accent Reduction Focus
Helps students communicate naturally in all professional and conversation settings.

Business Writing Focus
Guides the learner through the appropriate structures and key language skills necessary to produce concise and polished documents.

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Using a customized approach, Primera offers students the tools they need to be highly successful in their multinational work and social environments.
  • Assessment: Our programs begin with an in-depth assessment interview in order to gain a clear understanding of the student’s individual development needs.
  • Customization: We then create a customized program plan to achieve learning goals.
  • Interactive Instruction: Role plays, case studies & examination and debate of professional media are just some of the ways we enable our students to become linguistically and culturally proficient within their areas of expertise.
  • Evolution: Together with a carefully selected instructor, students provide constant feedback allowing us to further adapt to their evolving progress levels and needs.
  • Reports: Report progress to Supervisor / HR. Customize reporting formats and timelines to align with client requirements.


We carefully select instructors to suit our clients’ objectives, student learning styles, and personalities. This attention to instructor-student dynamic has ensured that our students navigate new multinational business and social situations successfully and with confidence.

All Primera instructors:

  • Have 2-25 years experience in language teaching
  • Are native speakers
  • Are college educated
  • Have business experience
  • Are regularly trained

Our Clients

We assess the needs of the organization, their industry, and their employees.
Our clients span multiple industries including Financial Services, Technology, Education and Consumer Products.

The Management Team

Felipe Vergara

Founder and Chair    

Jonathan Blazon

Business Partner, Board of Directors     

Ana Maria Gil

Administrartive Director    

Paola Palmieri

Academic Program Manager    

Yenny Gómez

Academic Program Manager