Why Culture? (Part 2): National Standards

Committed language instructors understand that culture is an integral part of learning a new language. Originally created for the Foreign Language National Assessment of Educational Progress (FLNAEP) by a committee of language educators from across United States, the graphic shows us the interpretation of the 5 C’s of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities (See previous post here). While the main focus of every language program is to acquire a communicative competence, it is certain that learning the cultures of the target setting is an inseparable part of the program.

Learning the cultures include these 3 P’s: 1) products (art, music, monuments, etc); 2) Practices (customs, habits, traditions, etc); and 3) Perspectives (what is important for people and how it shapes their view of the world). At Primera, we also believe that understanding both the language and the culture will benefit the speaker significantly.

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