March is upon us and you’ll see green everywhere. Every March 17th Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, for the Patron Saint of Ireland, with parades, food, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” pins, tee-shirts and A LOT of green.

Although hundreds of parades take place around the country, the New York City St. Patrick’s day parade has taken place every year since 1762, and is one of the biggest. Forty pounds of green dye are used to color the Chicago River green, while thousands of people watch.

St. Patrick’s Day is so important in Savannah, Georgia that not only do they color the water of their fountains green, but children are off from school on both the 17th and 18th.

Americans spend billions of dollars to eat the traditional Soda Bread, Corned Beef and Cabbage, exchange greeting cards, decorate, drink beer and make anything and everything green. All this because over 35 million U.S. residents have Irish ancestry.

So this March, may you have the “Luck of the Irish” and take part in some local festivities.


Words and Expressions you might hear on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock – the four leaf clover that is said to bring good luck.

Leprechauns – tiny men and women with magical powers

“It’s the luck of the draw” – something that is a matter of chance and you have no control over it.

“Luck into something” – to find or achieve something good by chance. For example – “I lucked into a great apartment on the beach.”


By Fleur-Isabelle Stewart,

English expert at Primera Languages for Business

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