As October begins you’ll notice orange everywhere, along with witches, skeletons, jack-o’lanterns, spider webs and ghosts as most people decorate for Halloween. It isn’t until October 31st but that means we have all month to stock up on candy for the kids and choose costumes to dress up in for the big day. Throughout the country towns and cities plan Halloween themed events such as haunted house tours, hay rides and anything that includes a costume or a pumpkin. The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in New York, for example, displays over 7,000 lit-up carved pumpkins. Over 1,000 volunteers carve the pumpkins so they can be used to make pumpkin trains, a pumpkin carousel and even a Statue of Liberty made completely out of pumpkins, now that’s dedication! While kids ring doorbells and yell “Trick-Or-Treat” in hopes of getting candy, some adults participate in one of the many parades across the country. New Orleans, Chicago, Key West, West Hollywood and New York City are just some of the cities that host parades with thousands of costume clad Halloween enthusiasts. What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

Halloween Terms

Candy Corn – yellow and orange candy with a white tip that is mainly seen and eaten around Halloween.

Jack-O’-lantern – A pumpkin that has had its top cut off, it’s inside scooped out and has a face carved into it. A candle is traditionally put inside of it to light up the spooky, or scary, face.

Teal Pumpkin Project – An initiative started to encourage people to provide non-food treats for kids who have food allergies. A teal, or blue, pumpkin signifies that a house is participating and will have something like stickers to hand out instead of candy or chocolate.


Written by Fleur Isabelle Stewart, English expert at Primera

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