Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, February the 3rd?

The New England Patriots (for the 3rd time in a row) vs. the Los Angeles Rams are facing off this year. Even if you’re not interested in the game, there are the many, many commercials to watch that will definitely be a topic of conversation in the days following the game. If you don’t get into the ads, there’s always the musical half time show in the middle of the game, which will be put on by Maroon 5. Sports, creative advertising, music, food, and camaraderie make Super Bowl Sunday an important American cultural event to check out. Don’t forget to tune in!

P.S. – How many phrasal verbs did you count there? If you said 5, you’re right!

Face off – to be in opposition or competition

Get into – Become interested in

Put on – Perform

Check out – To examine or look at something

Tune in – Watch or listen to a television or radio program

Written by Fleur Isabelle Stewart, English expert at Primera


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