About Primera

At Primera, language learning goes hand in hand with acquiring a solid understanding of the professional and cultural contexts in which the language will be used. This is our philosophy for all students from beginners to highly advanced speakers.

Driven by cultural and language expansion: For over 15 years, Primera has grown in response to a rising need by companies and their executives to perform in new multinational environments including cross-cultural teams, overseas offices, and increasingly diverse workplaces.

A philosophy of customization: Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that every student and organization has individual needs and goals in language learning. Primera’s customized programs have helped individual professionals, employees in Fortune 500 companies and institutions of higher education navigate through new multinational business and social situations successfully and with confidence.

Business Origins: Primera Languages was co-founded in 2002 by Felipe Vergara, a Wharton MBA, McKinsey alumnus, and University Professor with a passion for the education industry. A dedicated management team was soon assembled with backgrounds in business, international relations, education and language training. Since its inception, this team has held on to a set of core values which continues to drive the company today: Integrity, Accountability, Customization, Empowerment, and Community.

Locations: Headquartered in New York City, Primera delivers on-site classes to professionals in most major cities across the country, and live web-conference training for students around the world.