Our Instructors

Instructor Qualifications

  • 2-25 years experience in language teaching
  • Native Speakers
  • College educated
  • Business experience
  • Regular quality checks and training

Student-led Instruction

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that every student and organization has individual needs and goals in language learning. We carefully select instructors to suit our clients’ objectives, student learning styles and personalities. This attention to instructor-student dynamic has ensured that our students navigate new multinational business and social situations successfully and with confidence.

Career Opportunities

Are you passionate about languages and business? If so, Primera might be the right fit for you. We are always seeking talented, enthusiastic instructors who:

  • Have a teaching certificate and/or extensive experience in language instruction
  • Are college educated
  • Have experience in business or in a business-related field

Please send us a message at joinourteam@primeralanguages.com

“I’ve been working for Primera since 2004 and from my first student to my current ones, my experience has been excellent. The approach is different; classes really are created specifically for each student. You can see clearly how this difference motivates the students. Primera’s staff is also great-friendly, helpful and open-not to mention the salary is among the top paying in the industry!”- Louise, English Instructor

“At Primera, I feel constantly appreciated and supported. They are very receptive to my ideas and feedback. Every instructor enjoys this very professional but very friendly and receptive culture!” -Soledad, Spanish Instructor

“In my experience as an instructor, students come eager to learn but don’t always keep up that motivation. It’s up to us to encourage them and modify classes as needed. What I love about Primera is that we are not only given the flexibility to do so but also able to reach staff at anytime for input when needed.” -Noreen, Instructor