Cultural Awareness Training

Primera’s innovative approach to cultural training uses active practice to impart cultural skills with a business focus. .

Our cultural training programs go beyond theory. Rather than adopting a seminar format, Primera’s cultural training is student-led and emphasizes practical application. Through real-world scenarios, participants immediately begin to explore another culture while examining their own. Tailored activities and practical simulations ensure cultural proficiency in most social and professional settings they will encounter.

Why Cultural Training?

  • Learn effective cross-cultural communication strategies
  • Increase workplace efficiency
  • Greater success in networking and social situations
  • Develop understanding of  important values & norms

Download Cultural Training Brochure (PDF)

Case Study

Kraft Foods Global (Cultural Awareness Training)

Assessment: Kraft regularly relocates their high potential executives, and their families, to their global HQ in Chicago.  In order for the executives to assimilate quickly and become productive in their new environment, it is imperative that they and their family able to adapt to the new local culture as quickly as possible (in the cases where foreign assignments are unsuccessful, 90% of the time the cause is related to the failure of the family to adapt culturally.)  Additionally, Kraft had been unhappy with their supplier of cultural training at the time, finding their instruction both impersonal and overly generalized, and therefore ineffective. Solution: Primera designed a customized Cultural training program for Kraft’s incoming executives and their families.  Our program started from the perspective of the families’ cultural heritage and personal histories, and used that as a basis to examine the differences in their new environments.  Rather than a generic portrait of US culture, Primera’s program focused on the local culture of suburban Chicago and the working culture that was specific to Kraft and the business division to which the executive was assigned.  The family was grateful for the warm and personal welcome, and more importantly, the executive is excelling in his new role.