Focused Coursework

Communication in a business context and instruction for the professional learner. Our focused coursework targets key language areas and usage in each student’s work environment.  


Professional learners have communication needs that go beyond vocabulary and grammar.  Thus, in addition to the fundamentals of foreign language acquisition, Primera offers focused work in Presentation Skills, Accent Reduction & Business Writing. These three focus areas are essential to language learners who operate in a business context.

Presentation Skills Focus prepares students to deliver professional, effective presentations in a foreign language-with confidence.

Accent Reduction Focus helps students communicate naturally in all professional and conversation settings. Download PDF brochure

Business Writing Focus guides the learner through the appropriate structures and key language skills necessary to produce concise and polished documents. Download PDF Brochure

Presentation Skills
Deliver professional, effective presentations in a foreign language with confidence.

This Focus area is customized to the development of the actual presentations a student will need to prepare and deliver.

Example areas of emphasis include:

  • Specialized Vocabulary
  • Planning & Outlining
  • Incorporating body language
  • Introducing themes
  • Linking & Summarizing ideas
  • Fielding Questions

Presentations are practiced, reviewed and corrected through the use of video cameras & audio recordings

Accent Reduction
Communicate naturally and confidently…in any language.

Through the use of audio and video recordings, we first teach learners  to hear themselves and to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. Students then learn to identify and correct difficult sounds and to use proper stress and intonation.

Drills and lessons are always practiced in authentic work situations, maximizing effectiveness and incorporating the student’s own knowledge and experience.

Aspects of cultural awareness and public speaking are also carefully examined.

Download Accent Reduction Brochure (PDF)

Professional Business Writing
Professionalize your language skills.

Our Professional Business Writing Focus guides the learner through the appropriate structures and key language skills necessary to produce concise and polished documents.

Emphasis on Business Writing will help participants improve their ability to write e-mails, letters, memos and business plans, as well as work with charts, spreadsheets and graphs. Example areas of emphasis include:

Outlining ideas

Linking sentences

Summarizing data

Writing persuasively

Expressing opinions

Writing with detail and concision

Download Business Writing Brochure (PDF)

Case Study

Alex A., Credit Suisse (Accent Reduction; Presentation Skills) Assessment: Mr. Alvarado had a high level of English fluency and comprehension but lacked the ability to communicate his ideas clearly and with impact.  His thick Peruvian accent and intonation made him difficult to understand, especially in public speaking situations, which were becoming more and more frequent as he advanced in his career. Solution: Primera developed a customized program for Mr. Alvarado that focused on his specific pronunciation and intonation.  Using audio and video recordings of himself, the program first trained him to identify his communication issues and then to address them. Real presentations from his day-to-day work were used as the practical application of the new concepts learned in class.  Today he is able to assert his ideas and speak with greater confidence in public.  Alex credits his rise to Managing Director on his ability to overcome his communication issues and the help he received from Primera.