Workshops & Seminars We offer workshops and seminars tailored to suit any language and international business training needs.

Primera customizes workshops and seminars for clients across industries and around the world. Each focuses on building specific language and cultural skill sets such as Intercultural Communication or Business English Writing.

Seminars take place for full or half days, while workshops can extend for several weeks. For ideas on how we can customize one for you see the case study to the right.

Our customized workshops and seminars focus on building specific skill sets such as intercultural communication or negotiation for upcoming assignments.

Select examples include:

  • Cultural Awareness for Expats
  • Presentation Skills for Nonprofits
  • Medical Spanish (also available as an ongoing language program)
  • Advanced Business Writing for Financial Sector
  • Legal Document reading (also available as an ongoing language program)

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Case Study


Assessment: The BBVA debt credit market analysis group needed to improve their level of written communication in English.   Their team, consisting mainly of Spanish speaking ex-pats, had difficulty synthesizing their ideas into concise documents more suited to the American business standard.  A full language assessment of the team members further revealed that their writing often took on a tone of voice and sentence structure that conveyed a translation from Spanish rather than a direct expression of ideas in English. Solution:  Primera developed a 12-week advanced writing course specifically tailored to the needs of the DCMA team.  Concepts in business writing were introduced using first a theoretical model and then applied to actual work documents from the bank.  At the end of the course, team members were able to identify and self-edit problem areas in their writing, and produce polished documents at a far greater level of efficiency.